6 Trippy Psychedelic Artists To Check Out

Paint and paint brushes

Psychedelic trips often have a visual element, with colourful closed or open-eye hallucinations common. Taking psilocybin mushrooms and other psychedelics often enhances people’s creativity and breaks down mental barriers, allowing for freedom of expression. 

It’s no surprise that there are many psychedelic artists who use their experiences in these altered states to inspire beautiful and detailed art pieces. The artistically talented are masters of conveying powerful emotional states and fantastic experiences through their art. 

It’s a lot of fun to look at trippy visual art during a psychedelic trip, and some people may feel influenced by this to create their own, whether during or after their experience. Here are 6 of our favourite amazing psychedelic artists to check out and support!

1. Alex Grey

Alex Grey art piece titled Transfiguration

Alex Grey is a visionary artist from Columbus, Ohio, whose career has spanned decades. His hundreds of intricately detailed pieces inspire people worldwide. Alex is open about his use of psychedelics such as LSD and DMT and their role in inspiring his art.

Alex has designed album covers, published art books, created life-sized paintings, collaborated on performance art with his partner, Allyson Grey, and worked in a huge variety of other mediums over the years. Alex and Allyson founded a cultural center called the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in New York in 2004. 

Learn much more about Alex Grey at his website, and follow him on Instagram

2. Bangerooo – Kari

Rainbow Road digital art on canvas by Bangerooo

Rainbow Road on canvas

The digital artist known as Bangerooo creates colourful, trippy art pieces, often featuring cartoon-style aliens. Her name is Kari – a young artist from Toronto, Canada, who makes original, fun clothing/art pieces and accessories for self-expression. 

Bangerooo’s fun-loving alien characters are surrounded by themes of rainbows, space, psychedelic drug trips, and profane humour. 

Check out her website for currently available art and apparel, and follow her on Instagram.

3. Cate Farrand

Peak digital art by Cate Farrand


Cate Farrand is a visionary artist who has been creating digital art since 2014. Her abstract, geometric, colourful art pieces are sold together with her husband, Samuel Farrand’s, under the name Tetramode. 

Cate’s well-respected work is on permanent display at Meow Wolf in both New Mexico and Las Vegas. 

You can find Cate’s online gallery and art store at Tetramode to view and purchase her art. Follow her on Instagram too! 

4. Killer Acid – Rob Corradetti 

No Bad Trips alien patch by Killer Acid

No Bad Trips patch

Artist Rob Corradetti from Santa Cruz, California, goes by the name Killer Acid. His humourous, bizarre, cartoon style is very psychedelic and intricately-detailed. 

Killer Acid’s art is found on t-shirts, skateboard decks, screen prints, and more, sold in stores around the world. His popular work has been featured in Chelsea art galleries and he has collaborated with many large brands over the years, such as High Times. 

Visit his website to learn more and find his art on products for sale. Follow him on Instagram to stay connected.

5. Samuel Farrand

Requiem digital psychedelic art by Samuel Farrand


Samuel Farrand is a digital art pioneer, having been creating digitally and exploring the psychedelic style since 1998. His work is often colourful and always incredibly detailed, with many layers to each piece. A unique trait of his art is that each piece is created on a black background, representing ‘The Void’, a place of infinite potential. 

Samuel is the co-owner of Tetramode, along with his wife Cate Farrand, where they sell their eye-catching art and apparel. His art is on permanent display at Meow Wolf in both New Mexico and Las Vegas. 

Find out more about Samuel Farrand and view his online gallery at Tetramode, and follow him on Instagram.

6. Sierra Siemer

Trippy art by Sierra Siemer

Sierra Siemer is a fine artist and digital designer living in Santa Cruz, California. Her art is very trippy and reminiscent of optical illusions. Most of the time, it uses contrasting colours and warping of shapes to create a wavy or unexpectedly symmetrical, yet seemingly random design. 

Check out her website for some examples of her work, and her Etsy to view products she has for sale. Then follow her on Instagram

Take a look through all of these psychedelic artists’ work and see what kind of art they have available! Many artists are creating not only canvas decorative art to display, but also designing beautiful pins, apparel, tapestries, housewares and more. 

Trippy art is a lot of fun to look at, especially during a psychedelic trip. Hopefully you have learned of some new artist mentioned here whose work inspires or speaks to you!

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