Mexicube shrooms are one of the most popular strains of magic mushrooms. They’re known for their relatively large size and average potency. An amateur mycologist by the name of Mr. G is credited for the development of this strain. The original spore sample was collected somewhere around Oaxaca, which means this strain could be related to the mushrooms used by ancient civilizations during shamanic rituals.

Magic mushrooms have been used in Mexico and parts of Central America for more than 2,000 years — mainly within cultures like the Aztecs living around Oaxaca.

Depictions of psychedelic fungi have appeared in journals from European settlers and cave paintings. They are lovingly referred to throughout history as “teotlnanacatl,” which translates roughly to “food of the gods.”

We should note that it’s closely related to another strain, the Teotnancatl strain. Both are highly sought after because of their supposed link to ancient psychonauts of Mexico and Central America.

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