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To have the best magic mushroom experience, it is recommended that you plan your trip at least a couple days ahead so you can prepare yourself mentally and physically. There are certain precautions to first time users as with any new experience. As long as you are aware and going into this experience with knowledge, the likely you will have an enjoyable experience.


Age: We only sell mushrooms to people 19 years and older, but we know that not everyone matures at the same rate.

Health: Do not consume magic mushrooms if you are in a bad state of mental health. If you feel depressed, we recommend you try a micro-dose schedule and not take a recreational dose of magic mushrooms. When you are in a bad state of mind, a magic mushroom trip may enhance the bad and you will have a bad trip.
Do not take magic mushrooms if you have a bacterial and or viral infection like the common cold or flu, avoid taking magic mushrooms until you are back to good health.

Setting: Do not take magic mushrooms alone for the first time. It is preferred to consume while in the presence of someone who has taken magic mushrooms before.
Find a setting that is a quiet environment with no or very few strangers. Being in nature or a familiar indoor space is advisable. Do not take magic mushrooms in a very public place for the first time.
Do not make plans or appointments 24 hours from consuming magic mushrooms. Take your time with your trip. DO NOT operate motor vehicles during and immediately after your trip.

People: If you are taking magic mushrooms with a group, ensure you are with trusted friends. Do not take magic mushrooms with people you feel normally uncomfortable around as the trip could enhance these feelings.

Desire: Take magic mushrooms because you want to take them and not because other people are pressuring you.

Food and drinks: Stay hydrated! Ensure you have plenty of drinking water. Water does not lessen the effects and will help you enjoy the journey.
Sugary juices are also highly recommended to have nearby. They will lessen the effects of magic mushrooms. If you or someone is feeling overwhelmed, drink or offer sugary drinks.

Taking magic mushrooms on an empty stomach will have the best effects. If you have just eaten, consume magic mushrooms 2 hours after your last meal. The trip will begin 20-60 minutes after consuming magic mushrooms depending on your metabolism rate. If you do not feel the effects after 60 minutes, do not consume more right away

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Can I become dependent on mushrooms?

Studies have shown that magic mushrooms do not cause addiction. On the contrary magic mushrooms have been used therapeutically to end addiction. With repeated consumption one’s tolerance may increase, requiring a larger dose to achieve the same effects.

In Case of a Bad Trip:

If you’re following instructions listed above, it is very unlikely that you’ll experience a bad trip. However, here are some tips and tricks in case you or someone you’re with does have a less than awesome experience.

  • Do not let anyone leave the group. This person may want to suddenly take off or leave. This person should never be and left alone.
  • Find a quiet place this person can sit or lie down. Have them focus on taking deep calm breaths.
  • Provide this person with a sweet sugary drink. This should reduce the effects of the bad trip within a few minutes.
  • Be supportive. As a support person let them know that this is not true and that the trip will end shortly.
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