Shroom Wave Customer Reviews

Our customers love us for a varitey of reasons beyond our high quality shrooms, edibles and capsules. Read their reviews to hear what they think of our customer service, delivery speed and the overall attention to details we have to ensure a great experience.

Blown away by these shrooms! I was unsure before I purchased them because the price was way cheaper than any competitor… but WOW! By far the best experience I’ve ever had. The whole process was fast and easy, and the product is the best quality I’ve had.
Great job Shroomwave Team, keep up the awesome work! I’ll definitely be a long term loyal customer.

Amazing quality ! Me and 3 friends all agree that these are great visual shrooms! They hit harder even than some Blue Meanies that I got from a different site! Will 100% be order more!

Really nice stuff! The high is amazing and clean. strong visuals for me at the 3g dose, played video games with full of colours and it was such an experience lol highly recommend it.

These babies are BLUE! As blue as look look in the photos, the order are received was even crazier. And for those of you that know shrooms, the bluer the better. Wicked trip with a few friends last weekend. Deep convos, tons of laughs, and we only took about 1.5-2grams each! Lots left over for next weekend.

I decided to live on the edge and try shrooms for the first time-i just happen to choose these ones because I wanted an “authentic experience” and let me tell you they did not disappoint! I had a dance battle with myself and then sat down to watched a nature documentary with friends! %100 will do again.

Amy Brown on Malabar Cubensis

Received my order today impressed with packaging. The mushrooms look amazing and in line with all the other pics I’ve seen of blue meanies. Planning on taking a trip this weekend while at my cabin so I’ll post a trip review some time next week. Thanks TT for the unbeatable prices and professional service

My experience with these bad boys was added creativity and felt very social, super happy without acting ridiculous. Some visual hallucinations but not overwhelming.

These shrooms are amazing ! Definitely a new favourite . Had such an amazing time . The visuals were so magical and the shrooms themselves looked fantastic . Beautiful stems and caps . They hit pretty quick . Will definitely be ordering again

  • Sashelle Brewer review of African Transkei Cubensis

a little goes along way! Amazing product, best experience.

Rachel review of Penis Envy Cubensis

I introduced some friends to the world of shrooms and Golden Teachers were the perfect starter for newbies. We all had a great time, tons of laughs, some light tripping and it wasn’t overly extended. It was exactly the type of trip we were looking for! Thanks Technically Tripping off the top notch service and recommendation ?

Received in 3 days after I ordered. The taste is great! I found 1 piece was pretty good for me when I was just doing it casually. I ended up doing 3 pieces with friends and it hit me with a pretty nice high. They even packed it with an ice pack and in an insulated bag to keep it cool while travelling!
Loved it thanks, ordering more !!

Todd Mcquire on Room 920 Milk Chocolate bar edible

got the product with no issue. very fast shipping and this is freaking awesome! Had a blast with my buds. Will be back for more

  • Parker Melgarejo review of African Transkei Cubensis

Perfect! Convenient dosing for a beginner, no aftertaste or weird effects. Just a very pleasant floaty high without the munchies or couch lock. I took the 300mg and It hits hard when it hits, about 60 mins from ingestion with dinner.