Celebrating International Magic Mushroom Day!

Illustration of woman under giant mushrooms in a field

You’ve almost certainly heard of 4/20. What began as an after-school smoking circle in the 1970s has grown to become the worldwide day to celebrate cannabis, with peaceful protests for legalization and large, cloudy gatherings held nearly everywhere each April 20th. 

Did you know that there is now a day to celebrate magic mushrooms as well? It’s true! Read on to find out more about International Magic Mushroom Day!

When is International Magic Mushroom Day?

Art depicting mushroom houses under a large full moon

International Magic Mushroom Day is celebrated on September 20th each year, so the holiday is known shorthand as ‘9/20’. 

9/20 takes place at the very beginning of fall, which is the time of year when mushrooms are growing in the largest numbers. 9/20 was chosen as a date by the creator of Magic Mushroom Day partially because it is very close to the Autumnal Equinox, which represents a change in direction. 

The History of Magic Mushroom Day

Silhouette of a person in the distance under giant mushrooms

Inspired by the 4/20 movement for cannabis, a magic mushroom advocate named Nicholas Reville started Magic Mushroom Day in 2015. He called September 20th “an educational day of action”, a day to shift the public’s perception of psychedelic mushrooms and inform others of the benefits associated with psilocybin. 

9/20 was created to echo 4/20 in its successful movement for cannabis decriminalization and legalization. The idea is to correct misinformation, debunk myths, and spread the word of psilocybin mushrooms’ many possible medical benefits – shown in the major positive differences in many people’s mental health after psychedelic mushroom use, and the fast-growing microdosing community.

Fun Ways to Celebrate Magic Mushroom Day

Cartoon art of multicoloured mushrooms

Now that you’ve heard of this new holiday, you might be looking for some good ways to celebrate it each year. Maybe you will begin a new tradition for your friends and family, or a new ritual for your personal psychedelic journey. 

Here are some ideas to get you started with the 9/20 festivities: 

  • Take a mushroom trip, of course!
  • Start a microdosing regimen 
  • Gather with friends for a trip or discuss your past experiences 
  • Find out more about mushrooms – there is so much to learn!
  • Educate others about mushrooms
  • Go to a new place you’ve never tripped before
  • Go camping or hiking; experience shrooms in nature
  • Watch a trippy movie or mushroom documentary
  • Have a romantic trip to connect with your significant other 
  • Go mushroom picking
  • Learn how to grow your own mushrooms

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