Microdosing for Creatives: Tap Into A Deeper Creative Flow

Microdosing psilocybin mushrooms has become an increasingly popular trend all over the world. You may have read about how microdosing magic mushrooms or LSD has helped people with depression, anxiety, or PTSD symptoms, and wondered if it could help you too. If you are a creative person with an interest in boosting your creative flow in the studio, breaking through that writer’s block, or finally picking up the paintbrush again, read on! 

Changing Our Perception on Psychedelic Drugs

These days, as more scientific studies involving psilocybin mushrooms are being allowed to take place, clinical trials and experiments with willing volunteers are being held to determine how psychedelics can benefit the human mind. This process had been halted for many years because of the widespread illegality of psychedelic drugs.

As we start to find out just what kind of amazing possibilities are contained in naturally growing organisms such as cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms, opinions are beginning to change. The decades-long war on drugs era is coming to an end, people are becoming more well-informed on their choices, and laws in some places are beginning to follow suit. These things that people have been taught to fear in the past can actually have fantastic healing properties! 

Research has supported many people’s claims that they don’t need to have a high-dose, mind-bending, hallucinogenic experience to benefit from taking psilocybin mushrooms. In fact, just 1/10th of a regular dose (a microdose) taken every so often, is enough to provide some surprising perks.

Unlock Your Innate Creativity by Microdosing

Studies are showing that microdosing magic mushrooms can help with enhancing your creativity, by improving both convergent and divergent thinking performance. Microdosing can also improve mood for those suffering from depression and other mood-related difficulties. People are finding that microdosing psychedelics is helping them to focus as well, suggesting that those with ADHD could benefit too. 

Being in a better mood, with more creative juices flowing and improved focus to boot, is a pretty ideal mental state for creation. Artists of all kinds have long since been open about altered states of consciousness providing the inspiration for their crafts. Psychedelic, trippy visuals lend themselves to so many creative art forms. The enhancement and distortion of sound experienced while tripping on psychedelics has inspired entire genres of music. It’s not too far-fetched to imagine that just tiny amounts of psychedelic drugs, not nearly enough to have these kinds of effects on your perception, could lend themselves to a more creatively fulfilling life. 

Ways to Microdose Magic Mushrooms

There are lots of different ways you can microdose psychedelic mushrooms!

  • Cut up whole dried mushrooms into tiny pieces
  • Grind up mushrooms into a powder and add to capsules
  • Chop mushrooms finely and make into a tea with lemon & ginger
  • Make shroom edibles, like chocolates or caramels

ShroomWave carries dried psilocybin mushrooms in many strains, so you can try a few and see what kind is your favourite! Some popular choices include Tri-Colour Ecuadorian Cubensis, Golden Teachers Cubensis, and Blue Meanies.

Of course, there are easier ways too! ShroomWave has many pre-made and delicious options available, so you can save time and know you’re getting correctly dosed, high-quality medicine. Try a Room 920 Cherry Jelly, Miracle Fungi Psilocybin Tincture, or a nice hot cup of Amazonian Mushroom Mint Tea